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USA Today Takes in the Culinary Treats of Biloxi, MS
April 27th 2012 - Great American Bites: Gulf seafood at Biloxi's Mary Mahoney's

The scene: New Orleans is famous for its unique cuisine and grand historic restaurants. But one of the very best examples of the genre is not in New Orleans at all, it is nearly a hundred miles away in Biloxi, Miss. Cut from the same cloth as Commander's Palace, Galatoire's or Arnaud's, Mary Mahoney's has the traditional New Orleans look: white walls adorned with the classic wrought-iron railings, built around a large courtyard shaded by a 200-year-old live oak. Inside, it combines old-school white tablecloth elegance with a touch of pirate flair, as visitors enter through a dark, well-used bar adorned with photos of famous patrons like the senior President Bush. He may have discovered the place from President Reagan, who had the restaurant cater a meal on the White House lawn. It is split into numerous small dining rooms, each with high ceilings, ornately carved wooden chairs and classic decorations like oil paintings.

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