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The Grindstone: Q&A with LPGA's Ryann O'Toole
October 26th 2012 - Today the surfing film Chasing Mavericks opens. It is the true story of surfing phenom Jay Moriarty recounting the days leading up to the 15-year-old’s attempt to ride and survive the mythic Mavericks surf break with the help of local legend Frosty Hesson (Gerard Butler) who becomes less like a trainer and more like a brother.The film looks fun and exciting but it is missing one thing: female surfers.

We decided to talk to some professional female surfers, Erica Hosseini and surf-star-turned-LPGA-pro Ryann O’ Toole, about this sport, their take on this new film and having Mother Nature as your boss.

Ryann O’Toole is a California native who grew up surfing, and kicking butt at sports in general, only to decide to follow the only other passion that matched her love of surfing: golfing. O’Toole is a professional LPGA golfer who surfs almost just as much as she swings – with a rock hard body to prove it.

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