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Bloomberg Features Arnold Palmer's Arnie Apparel
March 2nd 2012 - Palmer Turns to Classic Look to Revive Golf Clothing Line

Arnold Palmer is going back in time to update his image.

The 82-year-old golfer and businessman, one of the sport’s most successful and marketable figures for six decades, turned to 29-year-old Ryan Moore of the U.S. PGA Tour as the pitchman for a new clothing line that seeks to shake off the Palmer brand’s reputation for being a range of dowdy apparel for old men.

“It was stale,” said Geoff Tait, co-founder of Toronto- based manufacturer Quagmire Golf Inc., which licenses the Palmer apparel brand. “Where it was heading was kind of toward that really, really old demographic.”

Palmer was 31st on Esquire’s 2010 list of the 75 best- dressed men of all time for his on-course style of his prime that featured mid-century neutral colors and slim profiles. He is returning to that era with Arnie Wear, incorporating his style through the 1950s, ‘60s and ‘70s -- adding black and white accents -- to try to attract younger consumers while not alienating older fans.

“I care very much about his legacy and I want to see it carried on,” said Amy Saunders, Palmer’s 53-year-old daughter. “There’s a lot of history and tradition that shouldn’t be lost.”

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